The Pattern

Repeated Themes

A -- Word of the Lord
.B -- The Lord’s Covenant

..C -- The World
...D -- The Lord's Servant

....E -- Preservation
.....F -- The Suffering Servant
.....F' -- Atonement
....E’ -- Salvation

...D’ -- The Lord's Servant
..C’ -- Overcoming the World

.B’ -- Fulfillment
A’ -- Salvation Song



A. Hear this, Hearken, Praise, Name, etc.

B. Promise(s), Inheritance, New Things, Hidden Things, Things of God, Shall Come to pass, etc.

C. World, Wicked, Contentions, Apostasy, Satan, Egypt, Babylon, Earth, etc. [feminine]

D. Servant, Prophet, Moses, Truth, Righteousness, Kingdom, Heaven, etc. [masculine]

E. Preserved, Salvation, Pillars, Gates, Manna, Wine, etc. -- boldly

F. Suffering, Afflicted, Despised, Rejected, etc. -- nobly

F'. Oneness, Unity, Embrace, Kiss, Throne, Name, Glory, etc. -- nobly

E’. Salvation, Exalted, Preserved, Inheritance, Mercy, etc. -- independent

D’. Servant, Prophet, Truth, Righteousness, Kingdom, Heaven, Eternity, etc. [masculine]

C’. Overcome, World, Wicked, Cut Off, Contentions; Judgment, Destruction, Earth, etc. [feminine]

B’. Fulfill, Restoration, Deliverance, Covenant(s), Promise(s), Inheritance, etc.

A’. Hosanna, Name, Amen, Sing, etc.


On this page:

  • Inter-Micro Analysis
  • Inter-Chiastic Analysis
  • Six-Part Cadence
  • Comparisons
  • Temple Dedications, plus
  • On the Martyrdom of The Prophet and the Patriarch, Joseph and Hyrum
  • Davidic Expansion, Emendation and Commentary


Inter-Micro Analysis:

  • Articles of Faith — Example of Inter-Micro Analysis and Explanation

Inter-Chiastic Analysis:

  • George Q. Cannon — “We Are Not So Worthless As We Think” and “God’s Covenant with Us”**
  • Lorenzo Snow — Lorenzo Snow’s Commentary on his poem “Man’s Destiny”**

Joseph Smith

  • On Other Religiions “Come and Get More” and “In Their Own Way, If…”
  • And David asking, “How long…” — Psalm 13 and D&C 121*
  • And the Sacrament prayers — Sacrament Prayer and coda on Section 76
  • Journal entries — The Davidic Plea**
  • D&C 4 and the Preface to the Articles of Faith**
  • 1843 Speech and the Preface to the Articles of Faith*
  • D&C 4 and 1834 Comment and Preface**
  • Thomas Jefferson and Joseph Smith
  • D&C 4 and 1843 Speech and Preface to the Articles of Faith**

Book of Mormon

  • The Three Witnesses and the Eight Witnesses*
  • Three Prayers** of Jesus in 3 Nephi 19


  • Sacramental Prayers*

Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address

  • Davidic Commentary (D&C 4, 1843 Speech, and Preface to the A/F) on the Gettysburg Address*
  • Declaration of Independence and Gettysburg Address**
  • Jefferson to Lincoln to King**
  • Lincoln and King**

On the Martyrdom

  • Three pieces written between June 28 and July 1, 1844, Eliza R. Snow; and William Clayton; and John Taylor, Willard Richards, & W.W. Phelps*

Old and New Testament

  • “To him that overcometh…” — The Seven Churches of Revelation chapters 2 & 3*
  • “Lovest Thou Me/Feed My Sheep” and “Hungred, Thirst, Stranger, Naked, Frail, Prison” (John 21 and Matthew 25)
  • Psalm 19 and Luke 11 and Matthew 25* (Six-part cadence)

Six-Part Cadence:

  • Psalm 19 — “F” Structure — The Law, Testimony, Statutes, Commandment, Fear & Judgments of the LORD
  • Matthew 25:35, 36 — “F” Structure — Hungred, thirst, stranger, naked, sick, in prison*
  • Luke 11 — “E/F” Structure — Ask, Receive, Seek, Find, Knock, Opened*

See also, Inter-chiastic analysis of the Six-Part Cadence of — Psalm 19 and Luke 11 and Matthew 25* — “Hungred, Thirst, Stranger, Naked, Frail, Prison” and “Lovest Thou Me/Feed My Sheep” (John 21 and Matthew 25)


  • Psalm 110 KJV and RSV+
  • Matthew 24** KJV and JST
  • John 1 KJV and Greek
  • John 1 KJV and JST John

Temple Dedications, plus:

  • Dedication on Mt. of Olives* — Orson Hyde
  • Nauvoo Temple* — Orson Hyde
  • Washington DC Temple* — Spencer W. Kimball
  • Kirtland Temple — Joseph Smith, Jr.

On the Martyrdom of The Prophet and the Patriarch, Joseph and Hyrum:

  • Journal Entry, William Clayton prayer the day after the martyrdom, June 28, 1844*
  • “The Assassination”* – Eliza R. Snow, July 1, 1844
  • “A Word of Consolation”* – John Taylor, Willard Richards, & W.W. Phelps, July 1, 1844

See also, Inter-chistic analysis of three pieces on The Martyrdom written between June 28 and July 1, 1844 by Eliza R. Snow; William Clayton; John Taylor, Willard Richards, and W.W. Phelps*

Davidic Expansion, Emendation and Commentary:

  • Psalm 46 — The God of Jacob is our refuge*
  • Psalm 84 — Passing Through the Valley of Baca
  • Parley P. Pratt — Resurrection Camp*
  • Joseph Smith — on the Destinies of the Church and Kingdom*

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