The Pattern

Repeated Themes

A -- Word of the Lord
.B -- The Lord’s Covenant

..C -- The World
...D -- The Lord's Servant

....E -- Preservation
.....F -- The Suffering Servant
.....F' -- Atonement
....E’ -- Salvation

...D’ -- The Lord's Servant
..C’ -- Overcoming the World

.B’ -- Fulfillment
A’ -- Salvation Song



A. Hear this, Hearken, Praise, Name, etc.

B. Promise(s), Inheritance, New Things, Hidden Things, Things of God, Shall Come to pass, etc.

C. World, Wicked, Contentions, Apostasy, Satan, Egypt, Babylon, Earth, etc. [feminine]

D. Servant, Prophet, Moses, Truth, Righteousness, Kingdom, Heaven, etc. [masculine]

E. Preserved, Salvation, Pillars, Gates, Manna, Wine, etc. -- boldly

F. Suffering, Afflicted, Despised, Rejected, etc. -- nobly

F'. Oneness, Unity, Embrace, Kiss, Throne, Name, Glory, etc. -- nobly

E’. Salvation, Exalted, Preserved, Inheritance, Mercy, etc. -- independent

D’. Servant, Prophet, Truth, Righteousness, Kingdom, Heaven, Eternity, etc. [masculine]

C’. Overcome, World, Wicked, Cut Off, Contentions; Judgment, Destruction, Earth, etc. [feminine]

B’. Fulfill, Restoration, Deliverance, Covenant(s), Promise(s), Inheritance, etc.

A’. Hosanna, Name, Amen, Sing, etc.

Authors, Non-LDS

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  • The Acts of John — The Hymn of the Lord – early Christian writings
  • Bradford, William — The Mayflower Compact, 1620*
  • Handel — The Messiah
  • Islamic Call to Prayer — The Athan*
  • Jefferson, Thomas — “I have sworn upon the altar of God…”
  • Harburg, Edgar Yipsel — “Over the Rainbow”, 1939*
  • Henry, Patrick — Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!*
  • King, Martin Luther, Jr. — “I’ve Been to the Promised Land”*
  • Lincoln, Abraham — Farewell Address — Great Western Depot, Springfield, IL Feb. 11, 1861*
  • Lincoln, Abraham — 2nd Inaugural Address*
  • Luther, Martin — A Mighty Fortress is Our God
  • MacArthur, Douglas — “I Have Returned”
  • MacArthur, Douglas — “Duty-Honor-Country” — Farewell Speech Given to the Corps of Cadets at West Point on May 12, 1962
  • Native American Ceremony — The Four Winds Prayer*
  • Nilsson, Harry — “Remember (Christmas)”*
  • Qur’an — Surah 2: Al Baqarah** (Ch. 22:127-133)
  • Roosevelt, Franklin D. — Proclamation of Freedom to the Riffs and Berbers (Moroccan Tribes), Nov. 1942
  • Russell, Bob and Scott, Bobby — “He Ain’t Heavy (He’s My Brother)”*
  • Wesley, Charles — Christ the Lord is Risen Today, Hymn 200

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