The Pattern

Repeated Themes

A -- Word of the Lord
.B -- The Lord’s Covenant

..C -- The World
...D -- The Lord's Servant

....E -- Preservation
.....F -- The Suffering Servant
.....F' -- Atonement
....E’ -- Salvation

...D’ -- The Lord's Servant
..C’ -- Overcoming the World

.B’ -- Fulfillment
A’ -- Salvation Song



A. Hear this, Hearken, Praise, Name, etc.

B. Promise(s), Inheritance, New Things, Hidden Things, Things of God, Shall Come to pass, etc.

C. World, Wicked, Contentions, Apostasy, Satan, Egypt, Babylon, Earth, etc. [feminine]

D. Servant, Prophet, Moses, Truth, Righteousness, Kingdom, Heaven, etc. [masculine]

E. Preserved, Salvation, Pillars, Gates, Manna, Wine, etc. -- boldly

F. Suffering, Afflicted, Despised, Rejected, etc. -- nobly

F'. Oneness, Unity, Embrace, Kiss, Throne, Name, Glory, etc. -- nobly

E’. Salvation, Exalted, Preserved, Inheritance, Mercy, etc. -- independent

D’. Servant, Prophet, Truth, Righteousness, Kingdom, Heaven, Eternity, etc. [masculine]

C’. Overcome, World, Wicked, Cut Off, Contentions; Judgment, Destruction, Earth, etc. [feminine]

B’. Fulfill, Restoration, Deliverance, Covenant(s), Promise(s), Inheritance, etc.

A’. Hosanna, Name, Amen, Sing, etc.

Joseph Smith

Recently added

  • 1841 — The Standard of Truth — Part of the preface to the Articles of Faith, found in the ‘Wentworth Letter’ (DHC Vol. 4, page 540)
  • 1844 — Introduction and outline of the Prophet Joseph Smith’s King Follett Discourse according to the Davidic Pattern. (Click here for the entire speech in one file — outlined via the Davidic pattern. Note: The above links below provide a more detailed outline of each individual macro element.)

King Follett Discourse Macro Outline

A — God Himself was Once as We are Now
 B — You have got to Learn how to Be Gods Yourselves

  C — You must Begin at the Bottom 
   D — The Head God called together the Gods in Grand Council

    E — Element, no Beginning, no End
     F — Man, Self-Existent
    E’ — Spirits, no Beginning, no End

   D’ — The Greatest Responsibility in this world . . . is to Seek after our Dead
  C’ — A Man is his own Tormenter and his own Condemner 

 B’ — Your Expectations and Hopes are Far Above what Man can Conceive
A’ — God dwells in Everlasting Burnings

To be added

By Joseph Smith, Written 

  • 1830 — Sacramental Prayers*
  • 1831 — “A transcript from the records of the eternal world” — Coda to D&C 76, 1831 – The Vision – DHC 1:252
  • 1831 — “Called out of my Bed in the Night”  Letter from Joseph to Hyrum
  • 1832 — “Joseph my son thy sins are forgiven thee”,** History, (Written by his own hand, from The Personal Writings of Joseph Smith)
  • 1833 — “Little narrow prison of pen and ink”* Coda to D&C 85 – to W.W. Phelps
  • 1833 — “Called to give up even more than this… What more dost thou require?”** Letter from Joseph to W.W. Phelps… , Prayer at the beginning of Letter (Written by his own hand, on occasion of the first persecutions in Jackson County, from The Personal Writings of Joseph Smith)
  • 1834 — “A Just Comparison”,* excerpt of Letter Written to the Brethren Abroad (Teachings, pg. 56)
  • 1834 — “The Clearer Are His Views”,* excerpt of Letter Written to the Brethren Abroad (Teachings, pg. 47)
  • 1834 — “Violence to the Supreme Intelligence of Heaven?”* excerpt of Letter Written to the Brethren Abroad (Teachings, pg. 53)
  • 1838 — “Careful and Ponderous and Solemn Thoughts”,* excerpt of Letter from Liberty Jail (Teachings, pg. 137)
  • 1838 — “I Do Not Know Where It Will All End”** Letter to Emma during 1838 difficulties
  • 1838 — “I wanted You to have the First Reading of it.” Letter from Joseph to Emma – from Liberty Jail
  • 1838 — One Token of Friendship* — Part of a letter from the Liberty Jail
  • 1838 — That They May Pattern After Thy Works (Hyrum’s works)* — Part of a letter from the Liberty Jail
  • 1838 — Undaunted, Firm, & Unwavering- Unchangeable, Affectionate Emma!* — Part of a letter from the Liberty Jail
  • 1839 — Confidence in Approaching Our Father in Heaven** — during his return from Washington, DC
  • 1842 — The Principles and Order of the Priesthood… The Ancient Order of Things*
  • ____ — The Davidic Plea:** Inter-Chiastic Analysis (on certain prayers found in Joseph Smith’s personal diary entries, from The Personal Writings of Joseph Smith)

By Joseph Smith, Spoken

  • 1841 — “The Keystone of our Religion”* 1841 DHC4:461
  • 1831 — “The veil might as well be rent”**
  • 1834 — “The destinies of the church and kingdom … you don’t comprehend it”*
  • 1836 — “I will not listen to or credit any derogatory report against you…”*
  • 1838 — “Silence ye fiends…”* Joseph Smith to Missouri jailers
  • 1839 — “When you feel pure intelligence flowing into you”*
  • 1843 — “Come and Get More”** — conclusion of speech
  • 1843 — “Could you gaze into heaven five minutes”*
  • 1843 — “I am like a huge, rough stone rolling down a mountain”*
  • 1843 — “I will lift them up, and in their own way, too, if I cannot persuade them…”*
  • 1843 — “Visions that roll like an overflowing surge upon my mind”**, Words of Joseph Smith, pg. 196
  • 1843 — To Stephen Douglas, “You will aspire to the presidency”*
  • 1844 — The Prophet’s dream of his Kirtland farm,** the last night of his life, DHC Vol. 6, page 609
  • ____ — “The right of the Patriarchal Priesthood”* Blessing to Hyrum
  • 1844 — The Sealing Power* “… like splitting hemlock knots with a corn-dodger for a wedge, and a pumpkin for a beetle…”
  • ____ — John Taylor reports Joseph Smith’s words, “He felt himself shut up in a nutshell… so much more comprehensive, enlightened and dignified”*

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