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  • Cannon, George Q. — We are not so worthless as we think*
  • Cannon, George Q. — God’s covenant with us* — See also Inter-Chiastic Analysis of the above two pieces
  • Clayton, William — “…that blood so noble…”:* Prayer written in his journal the day after the Martyrdom
  • Cowdery, Oliver — Addresses the Principal Chief of the Delawares*
  • Gabbott, Mabel Jones — Hymn 172,* “In Humility, Our Savior”
  • Hyde, Orson — Dedication on Mt. of Olives*
  • Hyde, Orson — Nauvoo Temple dedicatory prayer*
  • Kimball, Heber C. — “How long shall these things exist?” Davidic Plea
  • Kimball, Spencer W. — “There will be a surrender…you cannot indefinitely resist the power and pressure of truth…”** From the Sept. 1978 Ensign
  • Kimball, Vilate — “By his side I’ll reign in heaven”** Poem to her husband, Heber C. Kimball, Jan. 17 1847
  • Phelps, William W. — Hymn 2,** “The Spirit of God Like a Fire is Burning”
  • Phelps, William W. — See also with John Taylor, A Word of Consolation on the Martyrdom*
  • Pratt, Parley P. — “One noble spirit … had boldness of soul … to act”*
  • Pratt, Parley P. — Resurrection Camp*
  • Richards, Willard — See also with John Taylor, A Word of Consolation on the Martyrdom*
  • Snow, Eliza R. — Hymn 191,** “Behold the Great Redeemer Die”
  • Snow, Eliza R. — Hymn 195,** “How Great the Wisdom and the Love”
  • Snow, Eliza R. — Hymn 292,* “Invocation, or the Eternal Father and Mother” (O My Father)
  • Snow, Eliza R. — “The Assassination”,* “…the noblest of mankind…” Published July 1, 1844
  • Snow, Eliza R. — Address to Earth,** “The grand law of worlds…” Sept. 1, 1851
  • Snow, Lorenzo — Man’s Destiny* — Poem including, “As man now is, our God once was; As now God is, so man may be”
  • Snow, Lorenzo — Who we are* (Explains why “As now God is, so man may be.”)
  • Talmage, James E. — Teachings of the Church Respecting the Christ*
  • Taylor, John — Our identity will always remain the same* 5 April 1901, Conference Report, pg. 2
  • Taylor, John — The Mediation and the Atonement* of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, p. 149-150.
  • Taylor, John — Origin and Destiny of Woman,* “You also chose a kindred spirit whom you loved in the spirit world…” – The Mormon, August 1857, New York City&ammp;nbssp;
  • Taylor, John — On Joseph Smith, “He felt himself shut up in a nutshell… so much more comprehensive, enlightened and dignified*
  • Taylor, John — A Word of consolation on the Martyrdom* of the Prophet and Patriarch, with Willard Richards, and W.W. Phelps – July 1, 1844
  • Whitney, Orson F. — “Save not only themselves, but likewise their posterity”*
  • Woodruff, Wilford — Journal entry, “…sealing salvation upon the meek…”,* June 1847
  • Young, Brigham — Blessing to Solomon F. Kimball, “…we seal you unto your father and mother…”*
  • Young, Brigham — “No power of earth or hell can separate them from their parents”*
  • Young, Brigham — Your endowment is…* April 6, 1853 Speech
  • Young, Brigham – “I have revealed too much”* 1860

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