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Hugh B. Brown — Profile of a Prophet

Profile of a Prophet

By Elder Hugh B. Brown

A — Take the Witness Stand (To Give some Reasons for the Hope I Have)
I should like to expense with all formality, if I may, and simply say to faculty members and student body alike, my brothers and sisters. I adopt that form of salutation, for several reasons, among them being, the fact, that all, or practically all who are here are members of the Church which is sponsoring and maintaining this school.

4 comments to Hugh B. Brown — Profile of a Prophet

  • Michael Pieper

    thank you for a brief review of and different look at the Profile. I had never considered a chiasmic evaluation of it but to a mind trained to look for suck things I am sure it was obvious. May the Lord bless you for sharing this testimony building interpretation with others.

  • Hi Michael. You are very welcome. The implications of this particular chiastic outline is especially sweet to me. I am happy you enjoyed it.

  • A fourth remark relates to the position and function of the pericope in the Gospel of Luke. As form criticism focuses only on the smallest literary units and their function and “Sitz im Leben” in early Christian community life, no attention is accorded to their position and function in the whole of a gospel. As a consequence, the role and the function of verses 32-33 in the context of the Gospel of Luke are not discussed. As I have shown elsewhere (Welzen 2008), these verses play a key role in the way Jesus is characterized as the Davidic king who, as a saviour, brings liberation and salvation to his people. It is possible to understand concepts such as “son of God” and “son of the Most High” against the background of the Old Testament traditions of the Jahvistic king. The characterization of Jesus as this Jahvistic king links up with important thematic threads, or lines, in the spirituality of Luke – lines that may be characterized as a Lucan spirituality of liberation.

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