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Pres. Spencer W. Kimball — An Unforced Surrender

An Unforced Surrender

By President Spencer W. Kimball, Ensign, Sept. 1978, p. 8

a. The time will come
 b. when there will be a surrender of every person who has ever lived on this earth, who is now living, or who ever will live on this earth; 

  c. and it will be an unforced surrender,  
   d. an unconditional surrender. 

    e. When will it be for you?  
     f. Today
     f’. In twenty years? Two hundred years? Two thousand or a million
    e’. When

   d’. Again, to you… I say, it is not if you will capitulate to the great truth; it is when, 
  c’. for I know that you cannot indefinitely resist the power and pressure of truth. 

a’. Why not now? Much time has been lost.
 b’. The years ahead can be far more glorious for you than any years in the past.



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