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Doctrine & Covenants

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  • Testimony of the Twelve Apostles
  • Section 1 — The Lord’s Preface
  • Section 2 — The hearts of the children shall turn, with Malachi 4
  • Section 7 — What desirest thou?
  • Section 8 — I will tell you in your mind and in your heart*
  • Section 9 — Study it out in your mind…*
  • Section 13 — The Priesthood of Aaron**
  • Section 27 — When ye partake of the sacrament*
  • Section 28 — On Hiram Page’s “stone”
  • Section 29 — Revelation in the presence of six elders
  • Section 34 — My son Orson
  • Section 45 — On the Second Coming
  • Section 62 — The testimony which you have borne is recorded in heaven for the angels to look upon*
  • Section 64 — An ensign unto the people
  • Section 65 — Prepare ye the supper of the Lamb*
  • Section 67 — The Lord’s challenge
  • Section 76 — The Vision — See also, coda by Joseph Smith
  • Section 79 — My servant Jared**
  • Section 84 — Sing this new song
  • Section 85 — One mighty and strong
  • Section 86 — On the parable of the wheat and tares*
  • Section 88 — The “Olive Leaf”
  • Section 89 — The “Word of Wisdom”
  • Section 93 — Know how to worship, and know what you worship*
  • Section 99 — You shall cleanse your feet in the secret places*
  • Section 109 — Kirtland Temple dedicatory prayer
  • Section 110 — My name shall be here*
  • Section 121 — Where art Thou?* — Without compulsory means it shall flow unto thee *
  • Section 125 — Build up cities unto my name**
  • Section 126 — Well-beloved brother, Brigham**
  • Section 133 — “Concerning the gathering”

4 comments to Doctrine & Covenants

  • DEHowe

    I’m so looking forward to your detailed outline of D&C 45. I used the scripture headings in LDS scriptures, this morning in Seminary Class for obsolete Teenagers (we are instructed to call it Adult Religion Class) as we have many parents of HS-age Seminary Students who now have a place to go while their youth are in their classes, and parents and other adults in ours, and neighboring stakes can stick around and study same curriculum as their children, and conveniently, they’re still at the Stake Center at the end of class, and parents can then provide transportation to school for the youth, and the parents (and other adults) had a chance to study scriptures, too, rather than just going back home to get an extra 20-25 minutes of rest/sleep.

    In my approach, I took the ten subheadings and split #5 at v.34 for F = verses 34-38, with the F(central focus) for His disciples then, as now: “Be not troubled”

    (Numbers below pertain to verses w/in D&C 45)
    A: 1

  • Richard C. Shipp


    I did a Master’s Thesis at BYU back in 1972-5, which included my thesis on Chiasmus in Modern Revelation. The thesis is entitled, “Conceptual Patterns of Repetition in the Doctrine and Covenants ad Their Implications.”

    The Thesis analyzed many D&C revelations, as well as giving many examples of the three types of repetition found in the Scriptures: Parallel, Reverse (Chiasmus), and Combination patterns (that incorporate both parallel and chiastic together).

    You can find the thesis online in a digital collection by BYU Library:

    Conceptual Patterns of Repetition
    in the Doctrine and Covenants
    and Their Implications

    – – –

    Here is their brief explanation of this Thesis collection:

    BYU Master’s Theses on Mormonism (Digital Collection)

    How are the Theses Selected?

    The goal for this collection is inclusiveness. Master’s theses contain important research and writing in many disciplines which are often overlooked and are much less readily available than doctoral dissertations. It is basically an author selected collection, because every author, or their descendents, is routinely contacted to gain copyright permission for inclusion in this digital collection.

    A few authors have denied copyright permission because of their own desire to publish their work or because of their concern over the

  • Richard C. Shipp

    The thesis I refer to above, also has an explanation and examples of how to analyze the revelations for their internal structure. The task is not to force a pattern, but just to see the pattern that is there. Care should be taken not to “skim off” a pattern from the text, which is not the real underlying pattern structure of the text. I think looking through the thesis introduction on how the analysis was done would prove helpful.


  • Scott Vanatter

    Understood. Jared and I acknowledged to ourselves, and to the public that with more careful examination, and even more maturity, experience and understanding we can/should see into these wonderful patterns with much more clarity, etc. I gave a presentation a couple years ago at a confernce on chiasmus (in Utah) where I opened with such a caution. Thanks again for writing.

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