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Index, Authors


  • Ballou, Sullivan
  • Bradford, William
  • Brown, Hugh B.
  • Cannon, George Q.
  • Clayton, William
  • Cowdery, Oliver
  • Gabbott, Mabel Jones
  • Jefferson, Thomas
  • Handel, George Frideric
  • Harburg, Edgar Yipsel
  • Henry, Patrick
  • Hyde, Orson
  • Kimball, Heber C.
  • Kimball, Spencer W.
  • Kimball, Vilate
  • King, Martin Luther, Jr.
  • Lincoln, Abraham
  • Luther, Martin
  • MacArthur, Douglas
  • McConkie, Bruce R.
  • Nilsson, Harry
  • Phelps, William W.
  • Pratt, Parley P.
  • Richards, Willard
  • Roosevelt, Franklin D.
  • Scott and Russell (Bobby Scott and Bob Russell)
  • Smith, Joseph
  • Snow, Eliza R.
  • Snow, Lorenzo
  • Talmage, James E.
  • Taylor, John
  • Washington, George
  • Wesley, Charles
  • Whitney, Orson F.
  • Woodruff, Wilford
  • Young, Brigham

See also scriptural authors; early gnostic/Christian writings: The Acts of John, The Hymn of the Robe of Glory; a Native American Ceremony; and the Qur’an.

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  • Yvonne Bent

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    I look forward to speaking with you further on this.

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